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My Story

I am a highly motivated Yoga Teacher with an unbeatable passion and a unique approach to teaching, with a particular interest in therapeutic and restorative yoga. I work privately with clients who find yoga helps them manage their conditions better.

I turned to yoga a number of years ago to help compliment by running and was surprised to discover not just the physical benefits of yoga, but the unexpected mental health benefits.  I came away from my first class feeling instantly calmer and more relaxed- I was hooked!!  The stress relief that came with yoga was in fact the reason I decided to turn to teaching myself. 

I have a Health and Human Science BSc from Durham University and credits towards a Physiotherapy MSc.

The stress relief was an unexpected side effect which was so profound, that I decided to train to become a teacher myself.  I was at home with 2 young children, we had relocated a number of times and so I didn't have a strong support network around me, and my husband was working away a lot. I was anxious, stressed and quite often, overwhelmed.  The instant calmness that struck me after my classes was amazing.  

My approach to yoga is very nurturing and with a strong emphasis on relaxation and breathing.  My science background likes to ensure that where possible, my practise is evidence based.

I have worked with a large number of people with auto-immune disease where stress is often the underlying cause.  A number of my clients are house bound and are unable to attend a regular yoga class.  They report that yoga helps them to manage their symptoms.

I work primarily on a one-to-one basis as I feel the sessions are better able to address the needs of the individual this way.  I have also worked privately with high profile clients.

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