Your 'Little Box of Love' contains Rose Quartz Crystal, the unconditional love stone. It is the finest emotional healer and your crystal ally for all matters of the heart. It includes everything you need for the ultimate self-care ritual and to revitalise you.


Rose Quartz and it's beautiful pink colour has a gentle and soothing energy and it's uses cover everything from self-love to romantic love. It can also comfort your grief, release stress and help you to forgive yourself and others. It purifies and opens the energy in your heart, gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with healing and loving vibes. It is also known as the Self Love stone as it can remind you to love yourself and others unconditionally and raise your self-esteem. It is also believed to physically strengthen your heart and circulatory system.


LOVE Box Contains:

100% Natural Rose Quartz Heart Crystal

100% Natural Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet

Love Affirmation Card

Rose Quartz Infused Bath Salts

Darjeeling Tea & Rose Tea Light

Revitalise Rocks LOVE Box