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Introducing Heart Apothecary- crystal infused lifestyle products...

I'm a big advocate of all things natural, and try to source non-toxic, chemical free products where I can. I find it so frustrating to find a product which claims to be toxic free, only to find hidden nasties in the ingredients list.

I'd like to introduce to you my guest blogger, Charlene Shenton, to talk about her business Heart Apothercary, offering an amazing range of lifestyle products, which are totally natural. Not only are they natural, but they also have the added benefits of being infused with healing crystals, how amazing is that?! The range of products includes skin care and household.

Charlene explains more about the products and her story here:

So let me introduce you to the world of Heart Apothecary, I create all natural, crystal infused lifestyle products that include only the simplest, purest of ingredients. I have lovingly made a range of products scented only using gorgeous essential oils that are beautifully healing and can be used on all the family. My range includes

- Body oils

- Bath salts

- Face oils

- Cleansers

- Sleep Collection

- Clean Spray

- Rollerballs

- Natural Bug repellent

- Hand sanitiser

and will soon include a Mama & baby range

I feel so passionate about all that nature has to offer us and believe there's no need to use chemical filled, synthetic ingredients on ourselves and our children, we can utilise everything the universe provides to not only heal our skin but to cleanse the home and balance our emotions at the same time.

feel free to visit my website to browse my full range of gorgeous products, all reasonably priced to make their wonderful healing benefits available to all

read on for my story and the history of Heart Apothecary

lots of Love

Darshan Hari


On my quest to find some natural products to use within my Family & home that smelt great, were ethical and holistic, I found myself empty handed. Was there really nothing beautiful & affordable out there? So began the Heart Apothecary journey....

As a Kundalini yoga teacher I have an awareness of what I'm putting on and in my body, during my first pregnancy I had an innate desire to only use simple clean ingredients that would nourish my body so I began creating. To be able to have these products available to then use on my newborn was lovely and very satisfying.

As the owner of a Yoga Studio I began to realise that my students were on the same quest but were also struggling to find anything on the market that was natural, cruelty free and made with love so it felt only right to begin to offer these to my students as well!

The decision to add healing crystals into the products was a very natural one as I have used crystals since a child, I regularly incorporate them into my classes and their healing benefits have helped me through many challenging situations!

Why not be able to wrap yourself in protective, healing energy whilst putting on your body cream to start the day?!? Why not be able to cleanse the atmosphere at the same time as cleaning your worktops?

You're simply killing two birds with one stone

I was introduced to Doterra essential oil a while ago and I have since been blown away by the quality and potency of their oils, the healing benefits, physically and emotionally have astounded me. As a Mother who prefers to avoid medication if possible, I have found these oils to be my new first aid kit.

I have had so much fun creating these products for you all to enjoy, by collaborating simple, clean ingredients and infusing with healing Crystals and pure organic essential oils we have lovingly created this range using the most nourishing ingredients to moisturise the body, balance the emotions and cleanse the home.

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